[Nizi Project] Part 2 #8 Highlights
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2020.06.12 Friday 22:00 ON AIR
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  • k mimbar darmodisastro
    k mimbar darmodisastro

    Wow JYP speaks japanese omg

  • Deepti Chauhan
    Deepti Chauhan

    I also want to debut under jyp please pass me. 😅😊😁😜 in audition.

  • Rainbow *z
    Rainbow *z

    There is no doubt that Mako is the highest level among the participants. ( in dance, vocals, rap, expressiveness, etiquette, attitude, humility, honesty, leadership) The degree of perfection is the best.👍

  • JamieJames

    More screentime for Riria please!

  • Nizi & You
    Nizi & You

    There is no doubt that Mako is the highest level among the participants. ( in dance, vocals, rap, expressiveness, individuality, etiquette, attitude, humility, honesty, leadership) The degree of perfection is the best.👍

  • あすな


  • ちゅんちゅん

    分かってはいたけどやっぱり誰かが脱落するって悲しい。 でも虹かけで言ってたように、失敗や挫折は誰の道にもあるものだし、これを糧にこれからも頑張ってほしい。 美人だし生まれ持った素質が高いということは素晴らしいことだと思う。

  • Azul Villa
    Azul Villa

    When is episode 8 and 9, etc coming out with English subs? xd

  • it's my opinion
    it's my opinion

    I just really want Mako Miihi Maya Mayuka Rio Rima To Make the final lineup (These are my top favorites, I love the other girls too but I feel more connected to these girls^)

  • Kei Hikari
    Kei Hikari

    I've watched all three performances. I can't help but go back and watch Akari's Feel Special performance again and again. She's so stunning! Her bright smile is contagious. Her voice is so stable. Her dance improved so much. And her stage presence is bomb. Akari, fighting!

  • bobby's sarang
    bobby's sarang

    Damn it. Riria deserves more screen time. I have following the season 2 in Hulu. As compared to other girls, Riria has no screen time at all.

  • かふぇおれ。


  • Supremo Shaider
    Supremo Shaider

    My thoughts on the probable debut team. With 7 members in mind. Mako- leader, main dancer material. She's consistent top gg material. Miihi- lead vocal. Another consistent trainee, may dip sometimes but it's because she's 15 yrs young. Rima- main rapper. Vocally still improving. Rio- lead dancer. Still improving vocals. Might challenge Mako for main dancer. Nina- main vocal. Will improve her dance skills. Maya- center. Her stage presence is off the charts. Ayaka- visual. Must improve in vocal and dance. Star potential is undeniable. For the 6 remaining. If i'm JYP I will sign them as trainees and debut them in a year. Riku- main vocal. Leader Yuna- main rapper. Riria- main dancer. Akari- visual. Center. Face of the group. Mayuka- lead vocal and dancer. Momoka- ? It depends if this will be a 6 or 5 member group.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      I absolutely agree with you about the selection of the debut member for the 7 girls group: Mako, Miihi, Rima, Rio, Nina, Maya, Ayaka If the trainees cannot meet the group standard requirement, then there is no point to debut them. Also, there is no need to pity them. Their skills are not equal. Some trainees are more talented than others. So unfortunately not everybody can debut for Nizi project. Whoever does not debut for Nizi, still can stay as a Trainee and practice for another 1-2 years.

  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes

    OMG Nina 🔥🔥🔥😍 camon girl !!

  • sloth


  • Jasmin Salas
    Jasmin Salas

    I hope Nina does well!

  • Pauli Roa
    Pauli Roa

    I feel sad for Riku, she might not get a cube this time cos she didnt improve. But she's improved already so much before, jyp. :( Awww. Anyway, all the trainees are so good. 🥰

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      I feel sad about Riku and Miihi. It seems that both of them will not get cubes for this 3rd round. Anyway, almost everyone is improved. Whoever doesn't grow doesn't deserve a cube.

  • jm park
    jm park

    JYP야..자막좀 달아주라. 영어든 한국어든...글로벌 스타로 만든다매? 기본이 안되어있네

  • とりぷるmomoka


  • luv ari 4 life
    luv ari 4 life

    maya is really gorgeous

  • ji mina
    ji mina


  • Narnia4Life

    Is someone getting eliminated in this episode?

  • DB

    What's sad is that Rio is a dancing machine/powerhouse but no one ever gets to see that. Just look up her old dance complication videos. Really don't get why she's doing Ryujin's part

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      If not Ryujin's part, then in your opinion she should do whose part?

    • Tragic.

      Fr but at least she gets a dance break :/

  • Butterfree Beautifly
    Butterfree Beautifly

    Maya is so pretty~

  • Bengisu Tek
    Bengisu Tek

    You should know nina is the best she is working a lot abaut her dance,and his voice amazing and she is just 15 come on guys what wrong with u

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      I really hope jyp recognizes the fact that she has really improved in her dancing. Nina is a star and I really have high hope she will debut hopefully

  • Giovanni Brancato
    Giovanni Brancato

    We can see a little of her. But by the little I saw in this teaser, I can tell Nina's dance improved a lot; her movements seem sharp and precise!

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      Yesss she has improved seriously I hope jyp notices that

  • k s
    k s

    All I want is for Miihi, Riku, and Mayuka to debut in whichever group this ends up being. It seems like it will be very chic like izone yet badass and unique like bp based on the girls that have survived so far

  • N R
    N R

    I hope rima and Nina debut together:) they are so beautiful and slay! Better to be like a blackpink tho lol

    • Diggin' With Abren
      Diggin' With Abren

      This 2 girls will bring the team up high nina and rima..they are both beautiful and talented..

  • Chim Chimmy
    Chim Chimmy


    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      Sameee I'm so anxiousss I want to see icy I can feel they will do well that's why I want to seee

  • fik staysame
    fik staysame


  • Dewni Navodya
    Dewni Navodya

    Really really exiting for rima's team performance.. And my bias is nina...hope to see her best stage..

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      My bias is Nina too and the looks of it she will do well. I hope she gets a high ranking I have high hopes for her. She really must debut hopefully 🙏😭💖

  • わい

    リマチーム頑張れ( ; ; )

  • tree Bell
    tree Bell


  • hector lopez
    hector lopez

    Riria gonna snap this performance. I’m feeling it

  • eywayey

    Yuna had a cube tho the ranking still not yet revealed??? What is happening omg. Did they team won? But I don’t see a 3rd cube on Maya.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      It was not shown in Episode 7. Wait for Hulu Episode 8 then everything will be revealed.

  • Kira Martinez
    Kira Martinez

    Aja falta subtitulos completos

  • Aimy Candy
    Aimy Candy

    I hope Mayuka and Rio will have a high rank this time

  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny


  • Kristoff Consulta
    Kristoff Consulta

    Team Heartbeat is really great. Mayuka Bias wrecked me so hard Watch ZaerApollo vids

  • nayeon love
    nayeon love


  • a. star
    a. star

    I hope that all of them will debut!! VOCAL Main-MIIHI,NINA Lead-MAKO,RIKU,AKARI Sub-others RAP Main-RIMA Lead-RIO,MAYUKA,YUNA Sub-others DANCE Main-MAKO,RIO Lead-MAYA,RIRIA,YUNA Sub-others Leader-MAKO Center-MIIHI?(depends on the songs) Visual-AYAKA,MOMOKA Maknae-NINA Perfect team! 13 will performance on the title song,and make some unit on b-side songs like IZONE. I hope they put choreography on the b-side songs! Sorry for my bad English.

  • Pinku

    I want to see more of Ninas improvement in the dance aspect And Ririas 🥺

  • rumi1379

    Icy team for the win!!! Hope for higher ranking for Rio and Nina!

  • Linats28

    Mayuka Fighting!!

  • y shuze
    y shuze

    頑張ったアユカか、覚醒するリオか、前回褒められたアカリが1位になると予想してる!多分外れるけど💧w アヤカはやっぱり可愛い♡ モモカ落ちないでくれよ〜😭 (これは正解して欲しい)

  • Mana

    ユナちゃんマヤちゃんデビューしてえええ てかみんなデビューしよ()

  • まんゆの

    ICYチーム頑張れ!! 全員キューブ獲得して欲しい。 そして順位が今まで伸び悩んでいたリオが1位だといいな

  • Akshay kumar
    Akshay kumar

    can anyone told me, what Jyp said at the end??

    • 스털링데이비드

      Congratulations, the number one is ...

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      Shut Up and Dance !

  • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

    My choice of the final line up of the 7 girls group is as follows: ☺ Mako - Main Dancer, lead vocalist, Leader ☺ Miihi - lead vocalist, lead dancer, Centre ☺ Maya - lead vocalist, lead dancer, Visual ☺ Rima - Main Rapper, vocalist, dancer ☺ Nina - Main Vocalist, dancer ☺ Riku - lead vocalist, dancer ☺ Rio - lead dancer, vocalist For 9 girls group, these two are added into the group: ☺ Mayuka - lead rapper, dancer ☺ Akari - lead vocalist, dancer These 9 girls will debut for sure! Please voice out if you don't agree.

    • killua zoldick
      killua zoldick

      @Bale「うさぎと白鳥」 Rio already prove it in Swing Baby team when she's together with Mako & Maya.. Rio is the one whom come up with concept idea for that Swing baby song & Rio i's the member whom contributed most in making dance choreo for that song (Mako & Maya said it in their interview too, and these 2 said "they really gratefull to Rio because she do making almost all new dance choreo for Swing baby song & still need to teaching them too" ).. Rio is basically an "UnOfficial Leader" in Swing Baby team too., because she's the one whom leading that group in practice & live stage and the one whom take any initiatife first..

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @rumi1379 Well, both Rio and Mako can prove it to JYP in the final round who is deserved to be the Main Dancer for the group. Also, if the paparazzi photo is accurate, it is hard to accept that Akari's position is sacrificed for Ayaka.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @Estu Siwi LOL. I cannot stop laughing when you said: "I couldn't handle Momo singing". Yeah, Ayaka's voice in singing is similar to Momo, which is nasal singing sound.

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      @Estu Siwi same I know jyp will never let her go but I just don't understand why everything has to be about visual 😔it should based on their actual talent

    • Estu Siwi
      Estu Siwi

      Ayaka visual. Jyp not gonna throw it. We need to accept this. But I hope she improves her singing 😒 Or give her lease singing part. I couldn't handle Momo singing.

  • kimuchi 。
    kimuchi 。


  • kmat frl
    kmat frl


  • Victoria Princewill
    Victoria Princewill

    Vote Nina for popularity rank


    I am rootingfor RIRIA.. I really love them all but this girl can really dance and sing but it seems she is underated

    • jiez

      Honestly she improved so much in DTNA, i can't wait her dance in this performance (icy)

  • TWICE love
    TWICE love


  • ゆうゆ


  • ももか


  • Nadia Listia
    Nadia Listia

    Rio ♡♡♡

  • 2Myself2yrself

    The Ayaka team I can't wait to see all the choreography and to see where my Ayaka bias and my second bias Mayuka and Maya will be placed and who will be eliminated. Too much will happen in this last scene before the final. Personally, I think that Riria or Momoka may be the only ones to be eliminated from this episode.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      Only if the girl ranked #13 twice then she would be eliminated. So far, only Akari and Momoka ranked #13 once. JYP praised Akari on her excellent performance in the Feel Special. So most likely, only Momoka would sit at #13 again and be eliminated.

    • 2Myself2yrself

      @hector lopez you're right

    • hector lopez
      hector lopez

      Riria can’t be eliminated in this ep cause she have not rank 13th yet. Momoka is 100% going to be eliminated

    • Benjamyn


  • めろでぃー


  • 2Myself2yrself

    l'équipe d'ayaka je suis impatiente de voir la chorégraphie en entier et de voir où mon bias Ayaka sera placer ainsi que Mayuka et Maya ( mes seconde bias ) et qui sera éliminer . Waww trop de chose se passeront lors de cette dernier scène avant la final . Personnellement je pense que Riria ou Momoka sera celle éliminer .

    • 2Myself2yrself

      @Karim Immo Nan haha j'ai la mauvaise habitude d'écrire mes commentaires en anglais .. Si tu veut j'ai un compte instagram sur Ayaka comme sa tu seras âs perdu haha @ayakaraijyp

    • Karim Immo
      Karim Immo

      Je croyais être le seul à parler français

  • R Holiday
    R Holiday


  • H N
    H N


  • 체코딱지

    우리나라에서는 데뷔 못할 수준이라고 본다.

  • ummu thufail
    ummu thufail

    Can't wait!!

  • Ashauntay’s Channel
    Ashauntay’s Channel

    I KNOW YALL KNOW he likes itzy more point blank period 😎😎😜😍🤪🤩 edit:I love Nina 🥰🥰🥰

    • Ashauntay’s Channel
      Ashauntay’s Channel

      Funmilola Doherty absolutely and he said that ninas vocals is wat carry’s the itzy icy team 🥰❤️🥳🤩

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      Me too I love Nina and she must debut. Some haters are all saying she should be a solo artist but you can Cleary she deserves to be in nizi and she has improved so much in her dancing

  • Sxxedcer Cmde
    Sxxedcer Cmde


    • Ignatius Chua
      Ignatius Chua

      Rima and Nina has the advantage of being able to speak perfect English. That is what Twice lack in order to get more international exposure. That is why I believe both of them are special to the debut group.

  • Renz Sigua
    Renz Sigua

    Icy Team looks so powerful. And I hope this time Riria will finally have the recognition and cube she deserve.

  • Cobalt

    Hurry up and post the other videos. You are behind

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      JYP can't, because Hulu Japan is the copyright holder. Even the episode that JYP upload in JPflow is not a full version. The JPflow video is shorter (cut here and there) than the Hulu video because of the copyright issue.

    • JCK

      They can't. They have to be one month behind, most likely due to contract negotiations with Hulu Japan, where the episodes are first aired.

  • John Bermejo
    John Bermejo

    Jyp really spoil Mako in her Genre. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @killua zoldick Can you list down who are JYP biased? I am confused now.

    • Estu Siwi
      Estu Siwi

      Same with mihii. At least mako try Sunmi 24 hours. But mihii, twice twice ioi and Wonder Girls. I want to switch them so much.

    • killua zoldick
      killua zoldick

      Hahaha JYP biased..

  • Naomi D
    Naomi D

    I hope icy team did well I want jyp to see all of them have improved especially Nina in her dancing They all deserve cubes

  • booksandcats

    Icy team as ITZY members: Rio: Yeji (same mysterious aura) Rima: Ryujin (those RAPSS) Riria: Chaeryeong (both quirky and multitalented) Nina: Lia/Yuna (main vocal and maknae energy on POINT)

    • Ernesto Ubana
      Ernesto Ubana

      @Carlos Charles I think your comparing her to the proffesional dancers thats why you are saying Nina is not good at dancing. But let me tell you this! Nina is a rookie in this Industry, she never had a professional training like the others but not to mention like mako and others had a proffessional training on JYP and others participants on other workshops. (Im not saying that all of them had a proffessional training before this show. What im saying is almost of the participants had a professional training)

    • Juan de león
      Juan de león

      @Carlos Charles My sister is a professional dancer and said that Nina is dancing pretty good so shut up you stupid.

    • Carlos Charles
      Carlos Charles

      @Hazel Yeah, if you like the style...

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @Drew Nina is only good at singing. Her dance is improving, but still not good enough. So if you say her dance is good then I have nothing else to say. Perhaps, your judgement is blinded with your fanaticism to Nina.

    • chaerily

      rumi1379 Nina can’t do all those parts cause she has to focus on dancing plus YEJISU parts are so close together and not allow for good enough breathing In order of who sings in the song Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Yuna, Chaeryeong Chaeryeong Ryujin LIA YEJI Yuna Ryujin Yuna YEJI ChaeryeonG LIA Chaeryeong YEJI Chaeryeong Yuna LIA Yuna Ryujin YEJI Chaeryeong YEJI Chorus again Dance break YEJI LIA Yuna chorus Then multiple I see that I’m icy sing by Yuna YEJI LIA and Ryujin

  • maika sugi
    maika sugi

    餅ゴリがマコチームに 「全部に力を入れないで最初にアクセントをつけて」 とアドバイスしてたところをこの動画でスローで見てみると、アヤカが一番ちゃんとできてる気がする

  • 佐々木甲

    公式の予告は涙のシーンとか入れて無くて良いと思った! マユカ頑張れ💕

  • Jae Barclay
    Jae Barclay

    Lol, Rio's confidence shown through in like a 1-second clip. Everyone improved but Rio & Maya are the 2 biggest jumpers. They're surely to debut!

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @Ignatius Chua I am interested to see how Mako, Miihi, and Maya can improve further in the final round

    • Ignatius Chua
      Ignatius Chua

      Improvement is a relative term. If you are weak, it is easy to improve and it is easy to see the change. If you are strong like Mako, it is already amazing to watch her at her present level. To improve would be miniscule for us untalented viewers, and maybe hardcore performers like JYP can see the difference.

  • Chïngthïanmawï

    Rima the next ryuzin, mako the next momo, yuna the next chaeryoung ❤️❤️

  • jane lanc
    jane lanc

    I’m sick of jyp favoritism to Ayaka!! I heard Rumors that he dropped Nina Rima and Rio from the final team 😤😤 how tf can you waste talents like Nina and Rima ffs hope Big hit, SM or YG take them he doesn’t deserve them. who tf will sing the hight notes or Rap i’m sick of his favoritism towards Ayaka he always put her with the best team so she get carried i’m sorry but she can’t even sing and he praise for the bare minimum while criticize the others when they are millions times better than her!

    • Jabby Daniel Quezon
      Jabby Daniel Quezon

      That rumor clowned you alot. There is no favoritism between Ayaka actually. Jyp "likes her" because she is always determined to improve what she lacks. If you look through her past performances in s1, her dancing skills were literally decent and her voice was definitely (awful?). If you look at her now, her dancing skills GREATLY improved, her vocals are okay and as jyp adviced her, she just needs to practice her breathing technique

    • Ashauntay’s Channel
      Ashauntay’s Channel

      Pinku I mean we know ayaka is his number on favorite but he has more then 1 favorite tho

    • Pinku

      @rumi1379 9...? I'm scared

    • Pinku

      @Ashauntay’s Channel dude... Favoritism towards Nina? Not in this season. Lmao.

    • Pinku

      ... Impossible

  • jxcb 687
    jxcb 687

    I read that according to the japanese fans Rima slayed this stage and her vocals were so good and loud 😭😭 and jyp praised her and the team a lot! told you all don’t doubt this team just bc they have lower ranking than the others! so proud of them. Hopefully Rima can finally get No1 she always close but No luck ! it will help her gain a lot of confidence since she doubt herself sometimes💔

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @killua zoldick You are absolutely right, JYP is biased towards Mako. I still can't understand why Mako can win #1 in the 3rd competition.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @taiwanmangojuice Why Rima? I don't think so.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @killua zoldick You have made such a good observation. Well, then if it is true these 4 ladies, Ayaka, Mako, Miihi, and Akari most likely have secured their place as the final debut member. Hence, the remaining 9 girls are fighting for the remaining 5 slots (for 9 girls group), which is not so fair.

    • killua zoldick
      killua zoldick

      @Bale「うさぎと白鳥」 JYP biased to: Ayaka ( because he think Ayaka have good visual like Suzy, and that's why he always make good comment about Ayaka so viewer can like her too) Mako ( because he want Mako to be Leader of Nizi so JYP & JYPE can can control Nizi more easily (Company believe Mako is longest trainee in JYPE, so they already know her really well & easy to control her)., that's why JYP always making comment about Mako good personality & leadership eventough she not shown any of it in her individual stage or in Swing baby team.. Miihi & Akari (because JYP always said he really like their style when performing)..

    • taiwanmangojuice

      @Bale「うさぎと白鳥」 definitely miihi, and then ayaka I think bcs the visual n star quality , for the rest I am not sure, mybe mako and rima???

  • RO ZE
    RO ZE


  • たこ

    ICYかっこいい予感しかしない!! リリアがキューブ獲得できますように(;_;)

  • Isabela Saludes
    Isabela Saludes

    Mako fighting 💖🍋

  • 김대현

    1위 아카리or마유카or리마

  • captain piper
    captain piper


  • jujuness26

    my predictions if a 9-member team: 1. Mako 2. Maya 3. Rima 4. Miihi 5. Riku 6. Rio 7. Mayuka 8. Ayaka 9. Akari Nina: she's a great singer, but her dancing is just not quite there & unfortunately stands out amongst the members; her figure is also a bit lanky and she's the tallest so that might be why but tzuyu fits in so well with twice. jyp should recruit her as a solo artist like baek a-yeon and yerin Riria: she's great at both dancing and singing but unfortunately her personality has not stood out to me so far (i blame the editing) Momoka: i dont think she can handle the stress and pressure of being a kpop idol; she seems out of it & kind of clueless during practice; it might be her demeanor, but i got the same vibe from Maya during season 1 and now Maya is killllling it and she's one of my favorites! Yuna: ahh poor Yuna...JYP was right that she could be 1st or the 13th. there is just no consistency because the years of training have taken a toll on her. she would be my 10th pick! thoughts, anyone?

    • Jabby Daniel Quezon
      Jabby Daniel Quezon

      I have to agree with this one. The screentime scares me actually. The fact that Yuna and Nina isn't having much screentime whenever they react. I just have this feeling that jyp won't lose them, Yuna and Nina have a huge fanbase tbh especially Nina.

    • Estu Siwi
      Estu Siwi

      Nah fam it's not like that. Nina is Jyp favorite. She going to debut. Ayaka, lack in everything but her ambition and visual. She is in lock to debut. And Jyp like her.

    • Naomi D
      Naomi D

      @rumi1379 yh I saw the pictures and Nina is there Yh If she didn't debut it would be a shame on jyp She is going to debut🙏 and all these haters will be proven wrong

    • Pinku

      @young kim i'm not racist, BUT.... Dude keep quiet...

    • Pinku

      Ninas dance is like Ayakas Bro....

  • 池田千里


  • macan macan
    macan macan

    니지 프로젝트 라기 보다는 아야카 걸그룹 데뷔기가 맞을 듯 ㅋㅋㅋ



  • 顔面土砂崩れ


  • Cara Stephan Canen
    Cara Stephan Canen

    Rooting for Ninaaaaaa

  • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

    The last mission for the final stage has begun! Who will be ranked 1st? Who will be eliminated? Which group will be first? I am very excited! Can't wait any longer for the Friday stream.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @Boilthebunny15 But if Heartbeat team won the best group, Momoka won't be eliminated as she would receive a cube.

    • Boilthebunny15

      Momoka getting less screen time than suzu did in s1. She may be eliminated

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @ABEGAIL GALOLO There is a possibility that Icy team will be the best group for the 3rd competition. However, I think either Mayuka or Rima will get the 1st place.

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      @rumi1379 I predict Heartbeat team will win, and everyone in this team inclusive of Momoka will get a cube. So Momoka is saved this time.


      I think Icy will win ang Riria will be the 1st..

  • 推しのまつ毛は事務所NGなんで!!!

    デビュー人数決まってないからライバル同士じゃなくて、みんなでデビューを目指す仲間同士だよね。 マコ、リマ、アヤカ推しだったけど、見る度みんな好きになってく😳 デビューしたら箱推しになる未来しか見えない。 モモカちゃんも20歳くらいでビジュ限界突破しそうな気がするし、、デビュー掴み取って欲しいっ‼

  • Puryu .
    Puryu .


  • 春の人

    0:28 ここ真ん中にいるのアヤカ!? 背が高いしダンスも上手でカッコよくなってる✨ 今回のマユカやばくない!? 妖精みたいなのも好きだけど今回のはもっと好き〜

    • you weigao
      you weigao


    • yuuka yuuka
      yuuka yuuka

      私も、真ん中誰? カッコイイと思って何度も見ました。アヤカですね。 成長しましたね~

  • Sandhya Ganesh
    Sandhya Ganesh

    Justice for Rio! I hope she gets a better rank atleast in this round

    • saphelia valencia
      saphelia valencia

      she ranked number two!

    • Sandhya Ganesh
      Sandhya Ganesh

      @Bale「うさぎと白鳥」 of course I'd have liked ot13 and sad that Momoka has to leave. But I'm really happy for Rio ❤

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      ​@Sandhya Ganesh You sound very happy when Momoka is eliminated...

    • Sandhya Ganesh
      Sandhya Ganesh

      Yesss! Spoiler if you haven't watched the latest episode (results of mission 3): 1. Mako 2. Rio 3. Mayuka 4. Akari 5. Maya 6. Rima 7. Yuna 8. Nina 9. Riria 10. Riku 11. Miihi 12. Ayaka 13. Momoka Yes, Momoka is eliminated :(

    • Maram

      @Nissl she got a solo shot in this teaser though don't worry! 😁jpflow.info/sun/bideo/eGujnpt3qJiFnYU.html

  • Jasi dsty
    Jasi dsty

    Iris team won.. Maya got the first place again.. 😂😂

    • Bale「うさぎと白鳥」

      JYP already said that Akari was the best singer in Iris team. If Iris team won as a group, then Akari would get the 1st place instead of Maya, I think.

    • Ashauntay’s Channel
      Ashauntay’s Channel

      Actually u can tell in all the teasers and videos that he likes itzy icy more and he was also praising them also he said Nina’s vocal’s is wat carry’s itzy icy team to look and sound powerful just saying but I’m not saying Nina is first it can be anyone just saying I love u nina😘😘😍🤩🥳

    • Jasi dsty
      Jasi dsty

      It is just prediction 🤗

    • Momoka Sweet68
      Momoka Sweet68


    • Fiel Cuevz
      Fiel Cuevz

      How do you know?

  • Eunicefulness

    ファイナルに行けるか行けないかってどう言う意味? 知ってる方教えてください!

    • fumi n.
      fumi n.

      13位を二回とると脱落で次回のファイルに参加出来ません。 アカリとモモカは1度とっているので、今回最下位だと行けない事になります。 先週の配信で、JYPからアカリを評価するコメントがあったので、脱落の可能性はモモカが1番高い状況です。

    • 사 키 .
      사 키 .


  • Yujin_WithU


    • ずっと学生でいいのに。

      @パクっち餅ごり 死ぬww

    • パクっち餅ごり


  • mm c__
    mm c__


  • Maram

    RIRIA WILL GET A CUBE I AM MANIFESTING!! Also vote for her!!!! She's currently last in rankings 😢 nizikake.niziproject.com/riria

    • Elisha Utube account
      Elisha Utube account

      Maram no problem girl. For our girl riria to debut in Nizi.

    • Maram

      @Elisha Utube account oops noted!!

    • Elisha Utube account
      Elisha Utube account

      Girl edit your comment with the vote link. nizikake.niziproject.com/riria/