[Nizi Project] Part 2 Teaser
JYP×Sony Music 「Nizi Project」
2020.04.24 Friday 22:00 ON AIR
Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album
『Make you happy』 M/V
2020.06.30 Tuesday 0:00 ON AIR
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  • fmちゃん

    みんな、支え合っていてすてき❤ 頑張って 応援しています!!

  • 天虹彩


  • 백현Baekhyun

    Who is here after their debut...I am really happy for them they deserves it after all their hard work are worth it💖 Hwaiting niziU~

  • あいあいぽん


  • 松蔭寺太勇


  • Breiner Luque
    Breiner Luque


  • skz is nina's fave boygroup
    skz is nina's fave boygroup

    maya's visual is no joke. she really got the actress vibe tho

  • Bazooka

    Reminds of twice when they where there too lol I remember when chaeyoung said PINK LAMBOURGINI

  • All I want for Christmas is Woo comeback
    All I want for Christmas is Woo comeback

    Who is your favorite JYP Entertainment artist or group? You can choose up to 2

  • おにぎり


  • Isaac Cudal
    Isaac Cudal

    Who's watching here again after the release of their pre debut mv make you happy

  • Laura Oliveira
    Laura Oliveira

    Cool a new girl group 🌼🌼 It is awesome 💜💜 Fighting ✨✨❣️❣️

  • Martin 81
    Martin 81


  • Auriel Rayie Prayoga
    Auriel Rayie Prayoga


  • ひな子


  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny


  • とりとり


    • とりとり


  • Adrian Lau
    Adrian Lau

    Besides the JYP trainees I really hope Akari and Riria make it into the final lineup. Personally, I related to them the most and I really hope I see them succeed in the show.

  • Jabby Daniel Quezon
    Jabby Daniel Quezon

    Mark my word, Mayuka and Ayaka will debut.

  • Jabby Daniel Quezon
    Jabby Daniel Quezon

    I'm hoping nina would never be the next Minyoung.

  • Nyxhia

    Mako fighting♥♥

  • Hajin Kim
    Hajin Kim

    They are like little TWICE🤧

  • Levi_104x


  • welljustguess

    Yeah there's goes Korean make up and lighting 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Remy the Rat
    Remy the Rat

    My picks -Mako -Miihi -Nina -Ayaka -Yuna Good luck girls!

  • Jabby Daniel Quezon
    Jabby Daniel Quezon

    Damnnn is it just me or the gg's of jyp have patterns Wondergirls= 5 Miss A= 4 Twice = 9 Nizi project = 13????? There is a possibility he would debut them all!!!

    • captain piper
      captain piper

      Lyric Pop you forgot Itzy = 5

  • - -sirokumo
    - -sirokumo

    1.Nina 2.Maya 3.Mayuka 4.mako 5.rima 6.riku 7.yuna 8.akari 9.rio

  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny

    My kokoro🇯🇵😍

  • Jabby Daniel Quezon
    Jabby Daniel Quezon

    As I can observe. Mayuka I guess would perform dtna. Rima, Riria, Rio and Nina would perform icy. Rio would perform Lady by Yubin. Akari will perform Goodbye baby. Miihi would perform Nobody. Mako would perform I guess 24hours. Riku with Who's that girl.

  • Inspirer

    When will Episode 9 part 1&2 Be Posted?? Im Excited!

    • Inspirer

      I Meant #9 Not The episode😅

  • Niya ulva
    Niya ulva

    JYP Entertainment please add to sub indo or engsub please

    • Rainbow *z
      Rainbow *z

      (eng sub) "Nizi Project" has evolved (more upgraded) to new gorgeous stage. In Part 2, the Nizi pendant is luxurious and new. (JYP) “In Part 1, it was a process in which we searched for the possibility of debuting participants. However, in Part 2, it will be a process of judging whether the participants have the ability to debut. " Part 2: The beginning of a new story. The stage is new and upgraded. (JYP) The purpose of selection from now on is to decide the final member. All participants will be evaluated on an upgraded, stunningly decorated stage. (JYP) "Today, the ranking of each participant will be decided.(First time)" ...........(※ maybe, scheduled to take place 5~6 times ) ("Everyone is my rival.") (JYP) "It's very sad, but the participants who got the lowest rank twice are dropped. Here we go, let's start the stage show ! " Gorgeous stage and participants. (" I have never seen such a gorgeous stage, before once.") ("Singing on such a gorgeous stage has always been my dream.") Will they be able to safely take the first step? ("I want to sing well on that wonderful stage.")

  • `pres `yus
    `pres `yus

    Sixteen with budget version

  • BTS bighit-JYP
    BTS bighit-JYP

    Mako 😍😍😍

  • Joanna Sarbjit
    Joanna Sarbjit

    Ayaka... Fighting!!!

  • a n t o n
    a n t o n

    0:43 looks like IU

  • Lee Sungyeol
    Lee Sungyeol

    Ayaka is so pretty!

  • Citi Tran
    Citi Tran

    Idk how many girls will be debuted!?

  • Mostly Sunny
    Mostly Sunny

    0:56 did Miihi performed a Wondergirls' song?

    • YeJaJeong

      wonder girl's nobody

  • ぴの


  • 호노카


    • 호노카

      Asian Hearts 教えて下さりありがとうございます!

  • X1 Hangyul
    X1 Hangyul

    I believe that "NIZI" will have 7 members because a Rainbow has 7 colors. And will consist of: MAKO: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center NINA: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper RIMA: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual MIIHI: Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist RIO: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual YUNA: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist AYAKA: Vocalist, Maknae

  • 이주인

    미히이뽕 맞고 박진영 쓰러지는거 빨리 보고싶다 ㅎ



  • Koisy’s third nephew
    Koisy’s third nephew

    I can’t image the amount of tears that will be shed...

  • Kate

    I hope nina and yuna debut

  • Rodrigo Mendoza
    Rodrigo Mendoza

    Will there be an elimination? Or they are the final members...?

  • Bhanu Girotra
    Bhanu Girotra

    Will the group debut in Korea or in Japan?

  • Tenzin Nordon
    Tenzin Nordon

    Woah they gonna do icy?

  • Victor Fung
    Victor Fung

    The model is like StrayKids one !!! All members can debut !!! Not like Sixteen have fixed numbers !!!

  • zelette caitlin
    zelette caitlin

    mako, miihi, maya, nina, yuna, rima, rio let's debut!⭐🧚‍♀️

  • fp a
    fp a

    Mako-leader Miihi-center

  • fp a
    fp a

    My Top 7 1Mako 2Miihi 3Rima 4Maya 5Yuna 6Nina 7Ayaka-cute

  • 김경섭

    8명데뷔하지안을가요? 큐브가 4개 니까 더블 하면8이니~^^ 요건 전적으로 내 의견입니다 ~^^

  • sour cherry
    sour cherry

    Riku❤️ Maya❤️

  • sakura Max B
    sakura Max B


  • sakura Max B
    sakura Max B

    0:27~ ノムノムノムで合ってる?

  • explorer

    My top 4 : Mako, Mihi, Rio, Nina

  • ゆゆ

    え、まってコメ欄全然ももかちゃん言ってる人いないんだけど。。 モモランドのナンシーに似てめっちゃビジュ好きなんだけどなあ。。ここでもっと出てきて欲しい😢

  • Rhetz Play Games
    Rhetz Play Games

    l wonder how many will debut

    • Rhetz Play Games
      Rhetz Play Games

      @Twinkle Fairy tbh I only want four group member ... Mako Miihi Nina and Rima ... just like Blackpink if it's 7 member group I want to see Akari, Maya and Ayaka with the four

    • Rhetz Play Games
      Rhetz Play Games

      @Forever Gorgeous I don't think so cause twice is already 9 and itzy is 5 ... maybe 7?

  • John-Rey Jamago
    John-Rey Jamago

    Ayaka really need to build a name of her own. Cuz people only label her as Suzy look a like

  • kpopsugarpop

    *This gives me sixteen vibes😭❤*

  • L Jian
    L Jian

    I like the Japanese trainees way better than Korean’, simply because their faces are more identical and unique, hopefully they don’t get over polished from Kpop vibes, turn into all same from one factory

    • Victor Fung
      Victor Fung

      Don't worry !!! JYP's Girl Groups members are identical and Unique with different charms like their sister groups (Wonder Girl, Miss A, Twice and ITZY)!!!

  • Promidoi Bori
    Promidoi Bori

    Eng sub plzz I love this and I can't understand but I keep on watching this😅

  • しゃな!


  • Anà

    I bet mako will debut and even as the leader.....she doesnt need to do this!!!shes already a star!!!

  • Anà

    Iam really excited!!! Btw..how many girls will be in the group!!!

  • m!racle

    is it just me but Rio looks like RV Irene

  • Nguyễn Khoa
    Nguyễn Khoa

    Mako look alike Min hyori ( Taeyang wife )

  • corpomosis

    I still can't get over Minyoung and now theres Season 2 of Nizi Project :(

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo

    I can already see my top 4 Nina Mako Miihi Suzu

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo

    Nina got the voice but yes needs improvement, also with her dancing skills... She can do better every time just like Sana of Twice..

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo

    They had to make Nina hair black for her not to standout lol, she deserves the spot with just her look. . .

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    Sixteen to Nizi project season 2 HI WELCOME Edit: Support Maya

  • n.k.

    My favorite members: 1. Nina 2. Rima 3. Mako 4. Miihi 5. Yuna 6. Maya FIGHTING!!!✊

  • i stan only talented groups
    i stan only talented groups

    Let's debut Mako , Mihi , Nina & Rima ~~ Fighting

  • C: ana
    C: ana


  • M R
    M R

    Mako, Miihi, Rima, Nina and....

  • Lara Quintans
    Lara Quintans


  • nizatelle

    stop sleeping on Mayuka🥺 also dont u guys think Maya gives off Mina vibes so precious 🤍

  • Astraea Natsuki
    Astraea Natsuki

    My favourite members are mako and Nina

  • Amethyst Shot
    Amethyst Shot

    Rio has so much potential

  • ahhh Gin
    ahhh Gin

    I only watch thia because of suzu.. But shes gonw


    MY TOP 7 1. MAKO - They need Mako's Leadership 2. Miihi - They need Miihi's Charm 3. Maya - They need Maya, she can balance the group 4. Rima - They need Rima's Rapping Skill 5. Nina - They need Nina's Vocal 6. Ayaka - They need Ayaka's Popularity and Visual 7. Rio - They need Rio's Dancing Skill I think they are all good

    • Jabby Daniel Quezon
      Jabby Daniel Quezon

      @killua zoldick I think mako would be the leader and the lead dancer. Rio would be a lead vocal and the main dancer. Like Jihyo and Momo

    • killua zoldick
      killua zoldick

      Rio will give Mako a competition to be Leader in Nizi..

  • Vinata Senturi
    Vinata Senturi

    RIku Riku riku ♡♡♡

  • 林可馨

    i really hope AYAKA debuts, she's my favourite and she's so pretty . She really got all my attention 😍😍

  • 林可馨

    I literally jumped of happiness when AYAKA got chosen 😍😍❤❤ help me I already have a bias 💀💀

  • Atsuko Yuri
    Atsuko Yuri

    *Fun Fact : Mako,Miihi,Rima,Ayaka,Akari,Nina will debut*

  • Miku


  • al-haineee

    0:38 reminds me a bit of ryujin

  • Aicel Barredo
    Aicel Barredo

    Goodluck Makoooo❤❤❤

  • Alpha Divine Yambot
    Alpha Divine Yambot

    Suzu my biassss💜

  • Gabo and Nati in Australia
    Gabo and Nati in Australia

    OMGGGGG NO WAY!! I was just thinking about this today!!!

  • Michaeng can cure anything
    Michaeng can cure anything

    Them: supporting who is obviously gonna debut Me: praying that mayuka will debut also

    • hi_vivi

      I'd love to see Mayuka debuting in Nizi group!

  • a k
    a k

    is RIKU unpopular among i-fans? i think she's adorable..😩

    • Kofferklaus

      ikr I love her😩

  • とりぷるmomoka


  • ありさ


  • ぼるた


  • Jan LK
    Jan LK

    Ninaaaa ❤❤

  • jinssidechick

    lovin jyps lip gloss

  • お豆腐

    very very veryのダンスあったね