[Nizi Project] Part 2 #2 Highlights
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2020.05.01 Friday 22:00 ON AIR
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  • 松蔭寺太勇

    \\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

  • 天虹彩


  • 〜ポポタン〜


  • airaあいら

  • skz is nina's fave boygroup
    skz is nina's fave boygroup

    nina is slaying tho. her stage presence is so good

  • Bxby Monstxr
    Bxby Monstxr

    Bias: nina/mako Bias wrecker: rima/Riku I don’t see y ppl don’t really like Riku tho 🥺

  • 小磯杏菜

    デビューできるように頑張って欲しい! I want you to work hard to debut! 出道能加油! 데뷔 수 화이팅!

  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny

    Fighting girls❤️

  • Twice

    My Line up Mako- Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist Mihii- Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center, possibly a visual Nina-Main Vocalist, Rapper Rima-Main Rapper, Visual, Face of the group Yuna -Lead Rapper, Lead dancer, Visual Maya- Vocalist, Lead dancer Ayaka- Vocalist, Visual Riku- Lead Vocalist, 2nd Center Then there could be one extra/surprise member

  • Tifany Torres
    Tifany Torres

    If Momoka gets to debut, there'll be 2 Hirai Momo in JYP, the only thing that changes is Momo *ka*

  • i.like.it.icy

    can someone tell me where i can watch this season or will JYP upload it?

    • Oreki

      You can find it here on yt tho just search "nizi project part 2 episode 1"

  • Aimy Candy
    Aimy Candy

    Maya and Rio coming strong this season

  • Cool Music
    Cool Music

    Nizi - now 7 members - Mako(leader, main dancer), Miihi, Rio, Riku, Rima (rap position only) Ayaka/Maya, Nina (for global market) and other will see soon P.S. Momoka need to Kpop

  • welljustguess

    Seems like mako is going to perform 24 hours? I'm curious why trainee like to perform that song so much to show their talents.. The song is entertaining to watch but it's to bland to show your talent, especially vocal-wise. imo

  • Dilo gvn
    Dilo gvn

    Okay let me Tell you this akari, Maya, Liria and Momoka are sooooo talented But sooo underrated i Love them tho

  • stud

    What I see: Nizi What I feel: Sixteen

  • PreAsh

    Oh man..My TOP 6 out of 13 member's i love.... 1.Mako Lead Leader 2.Nina 3.Miihi 4.Rima Lead Rapper 5.Maya 6.Ayaka


    What happend to their cute lil pendants godd It looks like the pendants was evolved XD

  • riego

    is it just me or those already-pretty contestants got huge 'debuff' with their look in here lol

    • Niven42

      I think the whole company is using the show to work on their task teams - vocal, dance, makeup, hair, nails, etc. Probably a lot of JYP support interns are getting judged just as critically as the girls are.

  • thechannelitrollwith

    whoaaa there's a huge difference already. they all look grown just because of the clothes and individual attention given to them at this stage. i hope my favs can stay at the top.

  • captain piper
    captain piper

    Riku Riku Riku Riku!!!

  • Dahyun Shen
    Dahyun Shen

    Wah~ WE GOT A 'SIXTEEN' SEASON 2!! GO BABIES~ I'LL SUPPORT YOU ALL UNTIL Y'ALL DEBUT! ❤️😍 Surely, this generation will gain lots of ❤️. 화이팅!!!!!

  • ummu thufail
    ummu thufail

    Cant wait

  • meanhoe



    Of Nina doesn't debut...I'll be very disappointed in JYP

  • ohsunmi

    Hopefully part 2 will be in english just like part 1, i really want to follow the girls through!

  • •Mikasa’s Scarf•
    •Mikasa’s Scarf•

    I have a feeling that when Nina debuts, her fans are going to be toxic and selfish fans that only care about her (OT1 fans)

    • killua zoldick
      killua zoldick

      No, it's Mako fans..

    • Fg Dh
      Fg Dh

      I have a feeling that you should take your drama with you and leave.

  • Mikyla Jovero
    Mikyla Jovero

    My choice 1. Mako 2. Mihii 3. Nina 4. Yuna 5. Rima 6. Mayuka 7. Ayaka 8. Akari 9. Riku

  • Diana Yurievna
    Diana Yurievna

    Obviously. Trainees who can dance well already: Mako, Miihi, Rima, Rio, Maya, Riku and Yuna. Trainees who can sing well already: Mako, Miihi, Rima, Maya, Riku and Nina So, if Rio and Yuna improve their vocal - they can debut If Nina improve her dance - she absolute ready to debut Other girls are not that “professional” at singing/dancing, so, they have enough time for improving it and debut. But at the moment the rate looks like that. 5 girls who good in both: singing and dancing. Others have to make efforts

    • Diana Yurievna
      Diana Yurievna

      lim m I like Ririra:) and also Mayuka. I just can’t see them a lot because they don’t have a lot of screen time

    • lim m
      lim m

      People seriously neglecting riria huh

    • Diana Yurievna
      Diana Yurievna

      Iso Jae probably she is very good dancer, I hope we can see many nice performances by her. But right now I didn’t see anything as a masterpiece 😅

    • Dave Frrll
      Dave Frrll

      Riria got 3rd in dance though---

    • LIZ YT
      LIZ YT

      @Diana Yurievna Yes.... i like the way Yuna rap too 👌😅

  • True Blue
    True Blue

    I am rooting like hell for Nina and Ayaka to debut with the group. They are my biases and I want them to have a very successful career in showbiz.

  • nya :D
    nya :D

    i think a lot of people forget riku ranked #5 overall, the girl has serious talent 🥺

    • Bazooka


    • gondes bengkel
      gondes bengkel


    • Dave Frrll
      Dave Frrll

      @Niven42 I love my girl riku,but actually in the group performance she got criticised for her dancing,but that was probably because she's the leader of team bad girl good girl so yeah! :D

    • Niven42

      She has an excellent voice. I'm confident JYP will select her - he has literally never had a negative comment about her. The closest critical thing he said was that her breathing was "textbook perfect", and she needed to convey more emotion. But I don't think that will be a deal breaker for him.

    • captain piper
      captain piper

      nya :D ikrr huhu it makes me sad, ever since first season she caught my eye with her strong vocals! and visual too, not forgetting she also place high ranks in dance.. i hope she would be part of the debut line!

  • fatimita orellana
    fatimita orellana


  • Nirfiz Sufi
    Nirfiz Sufi

    Omg i can see suzy twin❤️

    • Nirfiz Sufi
      Nirfiz Sufi

      Hee Kau Bian why🥺

    • Hee Kau Bian
      Hee Kau Bian

      Ayaka has the looks, but at this moment there's no guarantee it'd be enough to debut.

  • ILikeRedVelvet

    When is this episode coming out? 😭

  • sour cherry
    sour cherry


    • さよさよ


  • sour cherry
    sour cherry

    Riku Riku Riku Riku Riku❤️

  • Risya Mei
    Risya Mei

    My choice 1.Mihii 2.Mako 3.Nina 4.Rima 5.Ayaka 6.Yuna 7.Momoka

  • Jasi dsty
    Jasi dsty

    only riku and maya who will get cube in this eps., JYP was impressed by their stage performance. it is so obvious, both of them are really good.

    • Niven42

      Riku's also tough as nails. Notice that she doesn't tear-up like the other girls do? I'll bet she has amazing mental toughness as well, which will probably give her good resilience for the pressures of idol life. And JYP seems to really like her, too.

    • StarMidnight

      Mihii got a cube too

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      @Jaca De Confidence play a huge part just look at yuna choke at performing but training perfect ? Hows shed going to perform in front of hundreds ( music shows ) or thousands (concerts )

    • Jaca De
      Jaca De

      Gosh honestly Riku snuck up on me... She rocks!! I feel like she's one of the only girls who has confidence in this show...

  • Chun Hou Chen
    Chun Hou Chen

    FACE LOOK ALIKE : IN Age order : 1. Mako (2001_4_4) : Tia Lee jpflow.info/sun/bideo/ZaSbYI1j24d7j2g.html jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqqveauj3JyTgqc.html 2. Rio : Kim Sejeong of I.O.I 3. Maya : Twice Mina. 4. Riria : Kwon Yuri of SNSD. 5. Riku : Sohee of Wonder Girls 6. Ayaka : Suzy of Miss A. 7. Mayuka : Jo Woo Ri ( actress ) jpflow.info/sun/bideo/eK6cc5uM05KVsac.html 8. Yuna : ITZY Chaeryeong. 9. Rima : ITZY Ryujin. 10. Miihi : Twice Nayeon. 11. Momoka : Twice Momo . 12. Akari : Twice Jihyo. 13. Nina (2005_2_27) : Somi if I.O.I. ........... 14. Suzu : Twice Jeongyeon

  • Pe9ega

    Can anyone translate?

  • 雪Tsuki

    I think Ayaka will perform precious love by twice

  • judaymooday

    mako- leader, main dancer, lead vocalist (the obvious) mihii- lead vocalist, lead dancer, center (she’s adorable) nina- main vocalist,rapper (her vocals are amazing) rima- main rapper, lead dancer (she’s the only acually trained rapper and most confident in her rap skills) yuna- lead rapper, lead dancer (stating the obvious) ayaka- lead dancer, vocalist, visual, face of group? riku- lead vocalist ( her vocals are so stable period)

    • judaymooday

      Fried Chicken omg yesss i mean she was a child modellll

    • Twice

      finally something I can agree with, but maybe Yuna could be a second visual.

    • Niven42

      I'm leaning towards a larger group, maybe 10 or 12, like IZ*ONE.

    • Augustine Damay
      Augustine Damay

      The group should be compose of 7 or 9 members

    • judaymooday

      Diana Yurievna omg yes

  • Angélique m
    Angélique m

    Samone translate for le what he Say for Nina soory i can't undrestand japan

  • Christina Jeon
    Christina Jeon

    Ayaka fighting😘

  • Joice Kariny
    Joice Kariny

    Fighting my girls❤️ ot13 forever❤️

  • roz Fares
    roz Fares

    If nina doesn't make it into the group then IM DONEEE WITH JYP

    • iced mocha
      iced mocha

      Meh I think she's better off solo.

    • sweet sana
      sweet sana


    • Selin Fenercioglu
      Selin Fenercioglu

      @tenerife sea hopefully!! She is the reason i started watching nizi project!!

    • PreAsh

      @Roz Fares same here😅

    • Jeliza Agustin
      Jeliza Agustin

      better off as a soloist 😬

  • jinsoul's headbanged table
    jinsoul's headbanged table

    1:04 SAME RIMA SAME and ayaka u gotta stop doing that girl :D

  • maykon Henrique
    maykon Henrique

    0:15😮🤤 evolved expression

  • Alexander Dreyschock
    Alexander Dreyschock

    MAYA 데뷔하자!

  • maykon Henrique
    maykon Henrique


  • kmat frl
    kmat frl


  • Shaira Salsabil
    Shaira Salsabil

    My choice 1) Mako- Lead vocalist (She has probs in adjusting), Main dancer, Leader. 2) Nina- Main vocalist (specially high notes), Lead dancer, Main Rapper (Rima's rap is too nasally), Western Visual. 3) Mihii- Lead\Main vocalist (Maybe lead, didn't c her taking high notes yet), Lead dancer (love her expressionism), Cute visual. 4) Rima- Lead rapper, Sub-vocalist, Visual. 5) Rio- Main dancer, Sub-vocalist

    • Niven42

      JYP's not gonna sleep on Riku. He loves her vocal and stage presence.

    • Danny bling
      Danny bling

      Y’all at least she dance a little for someone has never been trained than most girls, let’s just hope for the best

    • Diana Yurievna
      Diana Yurievna

      Mitzi Marie Tanalgo I agree. Hopefully she still has time to show her improvements in dancing

    • mitzi mari tanalgo
      mitzi mari tanalgo

      Shaira Salsabil Here’s the thing. I feel like she focus more on her singing than her dancing. She should focus more on her weakness than her strength. Sorry but I need to say this but this is why I don’t like Nina. JYP is more fond if the person is making improvements unless they already mastered it.

    • ILikeRedVelvet

      Sus Gh yeah I don’t think she’ll be in the dance line

  • Sean Lee Pangilinan
    Sean Lee Pangilinan


  • 조한이

    딱 보아하니 아야카와 힐만 혹은 리쿠에게 큐브 박아줄것같고 유나에겐 혹평을 내린거네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Sxxedcer Cmde
    Sxxedcer Cmde

    Bring back sakurai miuuu!!! Also post the full ep here with eng sub..more international fans..

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      Erm fam I don't think nizi has a management team yet like twice , itzy yet ... so subs whatever we cant really complain unless the other teams lend their work force out 😣 , plus who's management team to impose on I'm sure they all don't want to work for free

  • ゆりこん

    Maya ^ ^❤️

  • Iman

    NINA ❤️


    Queen Nina! Let's support her.

  • 이주인

    리틀 임나연 갓미히 사랑해요 ♡

  • Nobunaga Takanaga
    Nobunaga Takanaga

    Maya very pretty.Riku is an indespensable vocal member of this group

  • SO

    this channel is "officail"? offical? unofficail? Impersonation Account?

    • Tidar Rahardyan
      Tidar Rahardyan

      Only this channel is official, you should check what Official Twitter embed the youtube link and it refers to this channel.

    • pretty girl
      pretty girl

      This is official

  • Kaio


  • Tumor Jinak
    Tumor Jinak

    🙄🙄 Up up up

  • Michaeng can cure anything
    Michaeng can cure anything

    If jyp give a cube to ayaka like that.. Unfair and too much bias

    • Hee Kau Bian
      Hee Kau Bian

      Ayaka has the looks, but at this moment there's no guarantee it'd be enough to debut.

    • Michaeng can cure anything
      Michaeng can cure anything

      I know but her performance here i won't tell the song is really easy

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      I don't think so but if she improve lots there might be a small chance JYP thinking is weird. But theres some basis all she has to do is pass the singing and dancing cause the *visual* don't need top skills like mako ( dance ) nina ( sing ) rima ( rap ) . You can guess what she needs right ? To put it in a blunt manner *She needs to seduce tons of hot blooded young males to spend on her* that's her job ( if she can do that big commercial companies will come ) that's her position/job .

  • Michaeng can cure anything
    Michaeng can cure anything

    I can't wait for mayuka's performance 'like this' by wonder girls my favorite dance choreo

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      @Michaeng can cure anything The singing part is ok can be done solo but yes dancing is the harder part , but that doesn't meant she cant modify it a bit see all she need is ask her dance trainer if it works

    • Michaeng can cure anything
      Michaeng can cure anything

      It's really hard choreo while singing.. I'll just pray for the best she can do

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      Me too 🥰 unlike akari song choice this one can be done solo...

  • Clare Uy
    Clare Uy


  • Dave Frrll
    Dave Frrll

    So performing next episode is: Ayaka,Maya,Nina,Yuna,and Riku? Can't wait!

  • !りん

    リクちゃん、マヤちゃん、アヤカチャン 3人がキューブもらえたら嬉しいよっ!!! りくちゃんめっちゃかわいいやん!

  • Yoda Blackswan
    Yoda Blackswan


  • Joshua Wong
    Joshua Wong

    Is it just me, or do the girls all look way more nervous than in Season 1?


      Of course they'll be more scared,this is where JYP put his standards on a pedestal,so everyone will really do their best.

    • Iya

      The stage is terrifying that's why

    • squirrel :D
      squirrel :D


    • evan yong
      evan yong

      @Gyeoul Yeah its debut team so.... they must be at least at itzy/twice standard before debut we seen twice standard at sixteen didn't see itzy tho... minor mistakes are ok but .... after akari mistake all of them are scared . Plus its debut team it's their dreams of achievement right in front of their eyes nobody wants to ranked 13 two times . I suspect akari will get 13th this round ( unless ayaka didn't improve)

    • Gyeoul

      Of course LMAO. Jay why pee put more higher standard in this season.

  • 카이かい

    謎にコメント数少ないw 1:04キューブ隠した方がいいと思うのは私だけ? 今回アヤカちゃんキューブもらえそう!

    • reto 17
      reto 17

      ミイヒがcubeを貰えたのは、もう放送されてるから良いんじゃない? それ以外の人は追加のキューブはないよね?

  • 박정애

    아야카 사랑해

  • Diana Yurievna
    Diana Yurievna


  • 10 snow
    10 snow


  • isaac clarke
    isaac clarke

    It would be great if all of them debut but too many to split their salary they will be poor 😂

    • Niven42

      Things have changed a lot since Miss A's time. There are big promotional and merchandising deals to be made now. No JYP group will be "poor" as long as they stay on the company's roster.

    • Michaeng can cure anything
      Michaeng can cure anything

      They are japanese group.. Japanese are rich ppl

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      That's a good point 🤣🤣🤣 just look at another team in starship that has 13 members they are right below mamamoo in sales but because they have so many members ... they must make almost 3 times of mamamoo to equal their earnings . Of cause theres also the company commission go check out which company draws how much ( don't be surprised with SM dear ) . Sad fact plus the first 3 years it's all share ( depends on contract sometimes it's full 7 years ) one of the reason MissA fall apart . After the 3 years


    Nina ❤️

  • lee hana
    lee hana

    Nina ❤️mako ❤️ yuna ❤️ maya ❤️ momoka ❤️

  • Happy Happy
    Happy Happy


  • Chae Da Ni
    Chae Da Ni


  • Tw미나를 보면 행복해
    Tw미나를 보면 행복해

    Mako 💖 Rio 💖 Maya 💖

  • cinder fall
    cinder fall

    All I'm saying if nina doesn't make the group then I'm done with jyp

    • iced mocha
      iced mocha

      Bye then. She is better as a solo artist rather than in a group.

    • Niven42

      There's still a lot of show left. Let's see what happens first.

    • Shaira Salsabil
      Shaira Salsabil


  • J VV
    J VV


  • Екатерина Лазарева
    Екатерина Лазарева

    Nina is so charismatic**

  • 風音

    0:50 まゆか!!mayuka🤍🤍🌷🌷🤍🤍마유카

  • Ja Mane
    Ja Mane

    is it late upload?because we have coronavirus problem we need social distancing

    • solarscure TM
      solarscure TM

      @Ja Mane and right now, the selected members probably live together and the eliminated ones have probably gone back home.

    • solarscure TM
      solarscure TM

      @Ja Mane they live there, yeah.

    • Ja Mane
      Ja Mane

      makosnizi 13 so until now they are in jyp building?

    • solarscure TM
      solarscure TM

      Yes, this was recorded months ago. And either way, they all live together in the jyp building.

  • Michaeng can cure anything
    Michaeng can cure anything

    Riku,maya,nina got the cube here

    • Don Mac
      Don Mac

      @Michaeng can cure anything I thought Nina did well, it's just she went with her strength (singing), didn't show improvements with her weakness (dancing), and did not concentrate on giving an emotional delivery (like Miihi). She'll learn from this for the next mission, just like she did in Season 1.

    • Michaeng can cure anything
      Michaeng can cure anything

      @Don Mac yeah riku and maya got the cube.. Their performance already here.. Nina had many mistakes

    • Don Mac
      Don Mac

      Yeah, from Sukiri show looks like Nina, Ayaka, and Yuna didn't get it. Which leaves Riku and Maya

    • pretty girl
      pretty girl

      I don't think so nina got a cube, just two member who got a cube

    • Gyeoul

      @Michaeng can cure anything LMAO thankyou and sorry for my stupidness

  • 김대현

    유나 자리는 마야가 차지할꺼 같은 느낌이 표현력이 확실히 좋네(*^_^*)v

  • pretty girl
    pretty girl

    What jyp said to yuna and maya?

    • pretty girl
      pretty girl

      @Gyeoul thank you

    • evan yong
      evan yong

      Yuna has been a disappointment season 1 was hoping she pop out of her insecure shell . I know mentally it's not easy to overcome but theres a mental doctor in house to help ...

    • Gyeoul

      "I thought you want to show me your different side by selecting this song." (Yuna) Idk for maya

  • ab cd
    ab cd


  • おにぎり門左衛門


  • ZhangMei Fan
    ZhangMei Fan

    Nina Stan here....

    • mitzi mari tanalgo
      mitzi mari tanalgo

      Mae's LIFE sorry it was an accident.

    • Sultan Nizi
      Sultan Nizi


  • Seok Fanny
    Seok Fanny

    이런 것들이 나를 매우 긴장하게 만듭니다

  • 위즈원&믿지

    Please vote to Yuna and Ayaka

  • あかさ


  • hozuki ryu
    hozuki ryu



    When is gonna start?

    • notsure ifsrs
      notsure ifsrs

      1st May will be ep 2

  • - NERDY -
    - NERDY -


  • Sᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴG
    Sᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴG

    I wish Suzu were there. But I still hope Maya,Mako,Nina,Mihni win

    • mixolydian mode
      mixolydian mode

      Sᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴG i have a feeling that we will see her again.

  • dmgjgj

    유나 망햇구나..

  • Sᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴG
    Sᴇᴜɴɢᴍɪɴ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴜɪʟᴅɪɴG

    Part 2 finally